• Contract with OPA is executed on the connection date of the project provided that the microFIT contract offered by OPA has been accepted within 15 business days.
  • The contract with the OPA will be held by AGRIS Solar Co-operative.
  • Transfer of Contract – microFIT Contracts maybe assigned to the Co-op, AGRIS will have to make application to the OPA on behalf of the member. Consent to assignment is at the sole discretion of the OPA.
  • Insurance – Coverage is as follows: Wind, Hail, Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Storm, Business Interruption in the event of damage to system as a result of an insurable event.
  • Power production of the system – OPA rules for microFIT apply to the power production of the inverter or the maximum allowable output to the grid, which cannot exceed 10kw. The Ministry of Environment evaluates the surface area of power production not the inverter output. If the Ministry audits your site and determines that the panels in aggregate are over the 10kw then you are no longer adhering to the rules as defined by the microFIT contract and will be subject to Renewal Energy Assessment.


  • Power for internal processes is via the units own solar generation, there is no requirement for Grid feed, each unit will have a 120v service circuit off the 208/240v primary side of the disconnect. That 120v circuit will power tracker operation and onboard battery backup system (for instances where the inverters have to shutdown due to loss of grid connectivity)
  • Location – system must be located in an area which captures the greatest degree of sun exposure, the unit array travels in an arc of approximately 240 degrees from east to west.


  • Transformers – if the LDC determines that a transformer upgrade or install is required then that cost would be born by the Co-op. In these situations analysis will be completed by Spark to determine the economics before proceeding with installation.
  • Poles & Pole Lines – the LDC will make the determination if a new pole or pole relocation is required, in order to provide access to the grid. In most cases any new poles would be installed within the municipal road boundary, it would be the Co-op’s responsibility to get wire run to that location. In these situations it would be Spark/Northwind’s intent to bury wire up to the pole location (municipal boundary or “fenceline”). In all cases Spark/Northwind would consult with the property owner before installation commences.
  • Distance of Solar system from connection point – maximum distance from the system to the hydro connection point should be 500’ for instances where distances are greater there would be additional site review.
  • Connection – Connections will be Parallel, as defined by the LDC, in some circumstances connections maybe direct, where the PV system is connected to the grid at a location which is not in or around your existing farm buildings. As the connections tend to be more expensive to make , sites where this may occur will require review by AGRIS Solar and Northwind.
  • Phasing – units will work with single phase or three phase. If your farm has three phase power the LDC will make a determination as to which phase would be the best for the connection point (in most cases the phase that is loaded the most will be the connection point).


  • Access – Construction – Spark/Northwind will require access to the location of the system for gravel and concrete delivery and erection of the unit. Excavation will be conducted primarily by mini excavator and erection of components will be conducted via 2 ton truck mounted cranes, in order to minimize impact to site. Excavation of buried conduit/wire will be as per Electrical code. Depth of bury will be 30” in most cases.
  • Excavated material must remain on the farm, AGRIS Solar is not allowed to remove material without proper environmental assessments being completed.
  • Procedure – Excavation of topsoil and subsoil to a depth of approximately 4’. Excavation is backfilled with Granular material and compacted to spec. Concrete base is formed and poured the next day along with the mounting pole installation. Concrete is allowed to cure for approximately two weeks. Once curing has occurred mounting of the tracker frame, inverters and panels take place along with wiring and connection to the generation meter base. After the system is inspected and passed by the ESA, the LDC will make connection to the grid.
  • Maintenance – once per year a service technician will visit the site to perform scheduled service tasks, these visits will be walk in visits. In the event that major damage occurs to a unit (ie. as a result of major wind damage) vehicle access to conduct repairs maybe required.
  • In all cases Northwind/Spark forces will contact the property owner before commencing work and will keep the owner apprised of all work activities throughout the process.


  • Information required to process your application – Name and legal description of property, PIN number if available, mailing address, phone number, email address, contact information.
  • Once you have made the decision to join AGRIS Solar Co-operative (please see the “3 Easy Steps to Join”) the process would be as follows;
  • Upon purchasing your membership share and signing a licence agreement AGRIS Solar will make application to the OPA and LDC for the respective contracts.
  • Upon your review of the Offering Statement and your wish to purchase a preference share in AGRIS Solar, an AGRIS Solar representative will make arrangements to visit your farm to conduct a site review and finalize the documentation process.
  • After concluding the site review and deciding on the final location of the system AGRIS Solar will begin the process to finalize the construction and installation of a system on your farm.
  • When all the system components are ready to be installed on your farm you will be contacted to discuss installation timing and proceed.
  • Timing – OPA and LDC applications take approximately 30 to 60 days for review, equipment deliveries are approximately 60 days from the time AGRIS places an order, the installation process takes approximately 7 days in on site time.