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The Cooperative Arrangement

The following is a general description of the AGRIS Solar Co-operative:

  • Each member will purchase a common share in the Co-operative.
  • Each member will make a preferred equity investment in the Co-operative.
  • The Co-operative will arrange the debt financing required and will own the solar units.
  • Each solar unit will be placed on an eligible property of the member and the power generated will be sold to the Ontario Power Authority through the microFIT program.
  • The member will be paid a license fee for the use of the land where the solar unit is placed.
  • Each member will benefit from a return on his invested capital via profits of the Co-operative which will be shared proportionately among the members.

Benefits of AGRIS Solar Membership

AGRIS Solar provides its members with a logical alternative to either leasing his property to an independent solar developer or purchasing a solar generator:

  • Benefits flow from BOTH providing (a small section of) his property and from ownership in the enterprise.
  • Significant reduction in revenue risk based on diversified portfolio of locations
  • Volume purchasing resulting in a lower per unit cost
  • Advantageous terms for the commercial debt required
  • Preferred terms and warranties for equipment installation
  • Access to insurance and equipment performance guarantees
  • Sharing of ongoing maintenance and administration costs
  • Control and economic benefit stays with the owners of the Co-op and the local communities.