2013 Annual General Meeting Announcement



Dear Member,

The following is a notice of the AGRIS Solar Co-operative Annual General Meeting. The meeting will take place on April 10th at Smitty’s Family Restaurant, 307 Grand Ave W, Chatham, Ontario. Registration will begin at 6:30 pm. The Call to Order will take place at 7:00pm. For full details on the meeting please download the Notice of Meeting.

As a Member we encourage you to attend to listen and discuss the operations of the Co- operative. As well at the meeting the membership will be electing two (2) Directors; these two (2) of our current Directors intend to stand for re-election.

The role of Director is very important in the governance of the Co-operative. The Board of Directors will meet 4 to 6 times annually. Some of the duties of the Directors are;

  1. Establish the Co-operatives core values, vision, and mission statements.
  2. Determine the Co-operative’s strategic plans, goals and objectives.
  3. Prepare, pass and present for shareholder confirmation amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws.
  4. Maintain board policies.
  5. Set key performance targets and standards and approve the Co-operative’s budget and business plans annually.
  6. Maintain policies and procedures with respect to conflict of interest, confidentiality and conduct review.
  7. Supervise the Co-operatives management of its investment, property, equipment and insurance requirements.
  8. Receive from management and provide to others those reports that are required and, additionally, those reports that the board determines necessary.
  9. Appoint, review the performance, and provide for the succession of the General Manager through the Management Agreements.
  10. Appoint the additional Officers of the Co-operative.
  11. Convene the Annual General Meeting, and Shareholder Meetings as deemed necessary.

While the duties of the Board of Directors are varied the primary responsibility of the Directors is to protect the co-operatives assets and ensure the members receive the appropriate return on their investment. For more information about the duties and responsibilities of Directorship you can contact Jim Campbell, Board Secretary at (519) 354-7178 or David Malott, Board President at (519) 678-3895.

Please download the Director Nomination Form . In order to nominate someone for Directorship the Nominee must be a Member of the Co-operative. Please remember that the Nomination Form must be received by the Board Secretary, Jim Campbell, before the Call to Order at 7:00pm April 10, 2013.

To register for the meeting please contact Jacelyn Flynn at 1-877-247-4701 ext. 145 or




David Malott
Board President


Member Update to President Letter – 12 July 2012


Dear Members,

The President’s Letter dated July 12th, 2012 stated “If you sell your property you still maintain ownership of the AGRIS Solar Shares.”

Upon further review with the Board of Directors and the Co-operative’s legal counsel it has been determined that this statement was incorrect. In fact, if a Member sells the property upon which the original microFIT contract was awarded the Member must transfer his membership to the new owner of the property.

This reflects the original structure of the Co-op and is required to meet our obligations to maintain the level of Member Business and therefore our status as Co-operative Corporation as defined by the Co-operative Corporations Act.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact the Management Team at 1-877-AGRIS 01.

Yours very truly,


David Malott
President, AGRIS Solar Co-operative Board of Directors