As we close in on the end of the construction phase, and it has been 45 days since my last update, I apologize again if the updates become repetitive but we always want to insure that the membership is up to date throughout process of the projects life.

A Message from the President 

Recently, David Malott (President of the AGRIS Solar Co-operative) visited one of the Gardens. When I heard his comments regarding his trip during the last board meeting, I asked him to write a few words and provide some of his pictures to share with the membership. The following is brief but insightful look into the building of a garden:

“My wife and I were recently in the Belleville area and had made arrangements to visit AGRIS Solar Garden 9 located in Prince Edward County. We have all seen the solar panels installed on Member properties and I have thought that when you had seen one panel you have seen them all. As we approached the Garden and saw the chain link fence and barb wire top with all the panels inside, my mind went back to the numerous Board Meetings with the Directors studying engineer produced drawings, listening to Management’s reports, approving the Garden concept, reviewing the progress reports as the Gardens began to take shape. Now, here in front of me, was one of the Gardens. The Directors have not visited a Garden as it becomes a decision of cost vs benefit and my visit was at no cost to the Members. The Board had procedures in place to ensure that the plan to build the Gardens stayed on track.

When you look at the Garden, it is amazing to think of all the pieces that have to come together to make this work. You see the panels mounted on the masts cemented in the precast tubs, the wiring that disappears underground and reappears at the control center, which is a shipping container repurposed for this use. What you don’t see is the countless hours spent with various departments of the Government, Hydro One, Farm Credit of Canada, Northwind, Lawyers , Contractors, Suppliers, ESA, Land Owners and the list goes on.

The following are a few pictures to give you an idea of the scope of a Garden. Keep in mind that final grading and levelling has not taken place on this site.” – David Malott, President


The general eye level view of Garden 9

agris solar garden 9


The “E” house

agris E house


Communication cooling duct work

agris cooling duct


Control Central for the Garden

agris control central


Construction Update

As mentioned, we are working in both the Timiskaming, Ontario sites and the Picton, Ontario sites simultaneously. To date, 6 Gardens are connected and producing power and the remaining sites will be completed and ready for connection through September 2015.


Just a reminder to contract MITCHELL FRENCH (905)829-3336 X146 or via email @ Please note that Jackie and myself will still be closely involved but will look to Mitchell to report on issues, trends and any other problem that might come up with the 231 on property sites and now the Gardens.

Direct Deposit 

It was nice to see that more and more Members are taking advantage and providing their banking information to use either through email or by mailing us a void check. We again encourage any Member who has not yet done so to contact us. As previously mentioned, the payments schedule are as follows:

December 31 – $750.00 license payment (deposited December 3, mailed within 7 days of being issued)
June 30 – $750.00 license payment (deposited June 30, mailed within 7 days of being issued)
April/May – Preferred Share payment – issued after the Annual General Meeting (based on board approval)

As always we appreciate the calls or emails from Members when you notice issues with the units, please send them into Mitchell as per the above note. As mentioned both myself and Jackie Flynn at or call 1-877-247-4701 are available to answer any of your questions.

Thank you,


Sean Kelly

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