November Solar Gardens Update


Dear Members,

Although only 55 days have passed since our last update, the progress is tremendous. The following will give you a better idea that we are progressing nicely with no timeline slip, no delays have been put in front of us and no outside barriers have caused us to slow down. All construction processes are full speed ahead.

AGRIS Solar Gardens

We have now moved into full construction for 6 of the 10 sites. This involves the following process:

  1. Trenching, cable laying, and back fill
  2. Positioning Tracker bases and Masts
  3. Module Array
  4. E House Construction
  5. Transformer Construction
  6. Combiner Box Connection
  7. High Voltage Line Connection


As described before, these are 7 ½ acre, 500 kW power plants. The energy generated from just one (we are 10) of the gardens has a crucial impact on the daily mix the Ontario Power Generation (OPG) need to deal with in conjunction with the nuclear, wind, hydro and other power producing sources across Ontario. As such, this process is very different from connecting one unit constructed behind the barn to the closest transformer or meter. We are now connecting to the high power distribution lines feeding transformer stations across Ontario.

The most critical factor to determining when the project will be connected is the project’s In Service Date. The In Service Date is a date supplied by Hydro One based on their ability to connect projects to the grid. The process begins with a “kick-off” meeting at which the technical specifications and local resources are assessed to determine the timeline for connection. At the kick-off meeting a tentative date is set. Hydro One then follows up and sets an official In Service Date. To date, we have 6 of our 10 required “kick-off” meeting with Hydro One to determine the timing for connection of the projects and have tentatively received 6 of our 10 dates.

Construction Process

We are still going forward with different levels of construction on 8 Timiskaming, Ontario sites and 2 Picton, Ontario sites. We will still remain cautious since we do not have official In Service Dates on 3 of them and construct to a point until it is more prudent to stop and wait for the In Service Dates.

Our goal remains to get as many of the tasks completed without any risk to the Co-op if the tentative dates of connection are moved out by Hydro One. We are not expecting delays but at the same time we will always proceed with minimal risks.


We have added a picture file to the website under the NEWS section. I will be posting more pictures this week that give a better look at the construction done to each of the gardens.

Direct Deposit

Just another reminder, we are changing to direct deposit in 2015 (December 31, 2014 cheques). If you have not sent a VOID cheque in to the address below, please do so. If we do not receive your VOID cheque we will assume the current mail option is your preference.

As always we appreciate the calls or emails from Members when you notice issues with the units, please keep sending them into Jackie Flynn at or call 1-877-247-4701.

Please call or email with any questions.

Thank you,

AGRIS Solar Co-operative Inc.


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